Buy and Sell NFT's Help Community

I’d like to encourage all community member to trade SNAFU NFT’s. It seems like many of you bought nft’s and hodl… which is good idea as it get more value with time. However it will take much longer if project is not well visible. In my opinion one of the way to help popularize it is to list nft’s on various Marketplaces. It can bring you some income especially if u own multiple copies but also give Royalties to Artists. Here is some idea where you can sell on xDai:

If you know some other Marketplaces on xDai, let as know in the commends.

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Yeah, I totally agree with this. By putting the NFTs on sale a lot of other people can see the nft and get to SNAFU. Of course I suggest a price where you can profit on that sale :slight_smile:

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A concern that yesterday came out is that “it doesn’t make sense to put an NFT on sale for 2$ if the price in the pool is 0,20$”. I think there is some misconception about the swap protocol and what the pool really means. First of all the price you see in the pool is a FLOOR PRICE of the NFT. This means that it doesn’t make sense to sell it at a price below 0,20$ when you could earn that amount by selling it to the pool. But this doesn’t mean that the price of the NFT is 0,20$. In the pool there are only 16 NFTs of 73 minted. 16/73: let that sink in. This means that if you want to buy an NFT that isn’t in the pool then it doesn’t make sense to consider that floor price. One thing is to put on sale an NFT that is also present in the pool (in that case it’s obvious that one will choose the NFT of the pool because it has a low price) another thing is instead to put on sale an NFT that is not present in the pool: if the pool is not selling that nft at 0,20$ than it doesn’t make sense to take that price into consideration.

Also please remember that this is a sort of marketing campaign where we want to spam the marketplaces with our art, not really selling it, this is the reason for “putting high prices”. But if you just want to sell the NFTs just choose a price that is right for you.


Hi. Just want to add that the FLOOR PRICE in Community Pool is connected to the token price ($SNAFU) so it will increase with time as project develop and popularize.

Hi SNAFU, tbh I don’t fully understand how the process works. Only that it is not simply buying and selling NFT. That somehow farming is involved. I am going to keep reading up on your info. Is there a SNAFU for dummies post somewhere or very simple description of the purchase process? Thanks.

Most of info you can find on but its quite a lot to ready…

So to make collecting NFT more interesting we add a token $SNAFU which u can buy on Honeyswap Analytics .
With the $SNAFU you can Farm NFT on Farm - Unifty or with LP token you can farm on Farm - Unifty .
Other way to get NFT is Community Pool on SWAP | SNAFU Collective ,where we can exchange NFT for $SNAFU and opposite, base on floor value which will be always the same and is corelate with rarity.

If you have more question visit us on Telegram for a chat.

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OK i think my issue was the same, why pay them on sale of someone can get out from the pool for the floor price. So the argument is to lay them for the sake of marketing which I really like! May be you should run a campaign to asking all snafu users to spam the market with ridiculous price sale offers just as a ‘meme’. Even better come up with may be some sort of social media drive where people them post their NFT sale link with some quirky meme messaging to attract people to click the link and then know about snafu


Yeah I had issues with not just figuring out what was a reasonable price but where to list etc.

I am going to start a thread where people can make offers of exchange.

I suggested that it would be nice just to make a smart contract where people can basically take their tentative trade agreements and then

set up the intention
trader 1 and trader 2 decide they want to make a trade for SNAFU #38 + #36 for #60 + 10xDAI

Basically they go to the contract and both sign a tx that says which wallet they setup to to do the trade with (a kind of authorize) and the tokens on both sides of the trade that are acceptable.

i.e. work flow is

trader 1 goes to contract and selects
wallet 1 (trader 1) offer
NFT 38 - contract address info + number/amount of tokens
NFT 36 - contract address info + number/amount of tokens
wallet 2 (trader 2) offer
NFT 60 - contract address info + number/amount of tokens
10 xDAI - contract address info + number/amount of tokens
Expiration time limit (no more than 7 days which if it expires trader 1 or 2 can remove their inputs)

Submit offer which should come back with a unique code for the transaction or URL whatever…
Then trader 1 sends the unique code or URL to trader 2 who reviews the information above and clicks
‘confirm’ and signs another transaction.

At this point the transaction is setup and the traders need to authorize and deposit their respective tokens. Once this is completed on both sides an ‘execute’ trade button pops up to allow either trader 1 or trader 2 to execute the trade.

Another point - once the tokens are deposited they are locked for the 7 day period so the time from create to deposit to execute should be less than the time limit otherwise the trade will expire and the tokens unlocked for either user to withdraw.

The access to this contract should be based on a subscription service (i.e. you pay SNAFU or xDAI to get whitelisted access to this trading contract) and not fee based and the subscription fees divided up by the admin, and artists. If SNAFU wants to fund this offer up some of the subscription fees into a new token called SNAFUT (for SNAFU Trade) to fund the development and then take something like 10% of the SNAFU Trade service subscription fees to buy back SNAFUT.