Introduce Yourself to the SNAFU Collective's Thread

Please use this thread to introduce yourself :slight_smile:

Things to potentially include:

  • How you were introduced to SNAFU
  • Where you’re geographically based out of
  • Background info on your personal, intellectual, professional, and academic interests
  • etc.

The above was inspired by: .

If you are new to SNAFU please read the following welcome thread:

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Greetings. I’m Reem. I’d like to introduce my self to SNAFU Collective.

For last 10 years i been happily traveling and working in hospitality industry around South East Asia. When this come to the end i started to be interested in crypto currencies and blockchain. I get involve in communities of several project like Penguin Party - Uniswap second layer governances , Unistake - Liquidity providers and actively participate in Badger DAO governance since beginning of the project in Nov '20. I’m interested i many NFT projects including MEME, VeryNifty, NodeRunners/Drops, NftFi, B20 and my recent favorite defi/nft game Cometh. From NFT on xDai i was following Cold Truth Culture, Harem and Unifty. When i found accidently on Unifty marketplace "Every Day by SFAFU, i bought it for 1 Dai (which feels undervalue), started to investigate where its coming from and luckily i found SNAFU Collective.

I feel like its a great project which i would like to get involve more. With permission of community i want to help to organize our communication inside governance and outside onboarding new members.
Feel free to ask question, happy to answer as much i can.


Hello folks! I am CurlyBracketEffect. Some call me Curly, some call me CBE. All are fine, just don’t call me late for dinner :yum:

I have been following SNAFU since before the launch when I came across it on the 1Hive forum. I am based out of Canada and have a background in web development, as well as community management. I am currently working on a podcast called DAOn To Earth where we break down DAOs and make them more digestible for the average person.

I am very interested in community-driven projects that are building towards a more fair and inclusive world. I am not much of an NFT creator but I have been collecting some over the past year, and I really like the work that SNAFU is putting out.

Looking forward to seeing how this project grows and evolves


Hi Curly, happy to found you here!
Also congrats on the podcast, it seems really cool.


Hey SNAFU community, I stumbled onto SNAFU on the 1Hive discourse where I usually hang out and read up on the first post and then participated in the first twitter airdrop. I was a NFT skeptic as well at the start of the NFT hype on main net but then start to see that there is a market for it and got interested. One of my ever NFTs to own on xDAI was a worker bee from some artist that had posted the sale link on the forum.
After I started reading up on the follow up forum posts by SNAFU, i felt this was a genuine attempt at creating at DAO and the way the team was organised in creating and roadmap and hitting their targets got me to buy a couple of NFTs for fun!
I have since tried out the swap and farm functions. Although I may not be a big whale and bring tons of liquidity, I will remain interested as this is the first NFT DAO I have ever been involved with.
I shall HODL my SNAFU & NFTs for a while and see how this project evolves.


Great to have you on Board. There are new developments in coming months and Collection #2 will be available for sale and farm. It will be exciting time for the project.

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Let me introduce myself too :slight_smile:

I’m Dan, from Italy, and I’m a developer.
I came across Blockchain and Bitcoin in 2015 when I wrote my university thesis about the visualisation of Blockchain data. While doing this work, Blockchain became a passion for me.

In the following year I joined a Blockchain startup, that unfortunately died with the 2018 bear market. Since then I moved on and worked for a multinational company that was/is dealing with loyalty points for banks (:eyes:). After a year there I followed my passion and joined another startup in the Blockchain space (it’s really cool, maybe one day I’ll tell you about it). This choice gave me the freedom to be back to work on crypto full time again, so it was a happy move for me.

Since my best friend is an artist in the last year/year and a half I always tried to think how to connect Blockchain with art in order to help him. Of course there was already Opensea and NFTs and I already knew their potential but there was no market for that stuff yet. I even minted some NFTs for him, but it was just too early. Also, I was searching for ways of using NFTs in something like exhibitions or some more profound and conceptual way, so I spent a lot of time thinking about that without many results (since I’m not an artist :joy:).

Once NFTs boomed I started to take that thought more seriously and started to really question myself about what is art and if NFTs could be considered art (the answer is yes). When I saw all the NFT mania I knew it was the right time to help my friend mint NFTs and sell his art. It worked well, my friend was happy but I wasn’t satisfied, I didn’t just want to create NFTs and sell them, I wanted to create something more impactful and meaningful, not only for my friend but also for myself and for all the artists as him and art lovers. In this process, thanks to him and other really good friends and colleagues born SNAFU, and here we are.


Cool story Dan. Really is a grass roots project that started from passion for blockchain. I am really excited to have been this early to the project. Really looking forward to where this go on the next few months /years!


Hello everybody!
I just wanna introduce myself too. My username is Blazingthirdeye also known as “David (please DYOR…).”
I came here from 1hive. And 1hive from xDai exploration. And xDai from Binance Smart Chain, which I came to from Binance centralized exchange. And I came to Binance from a small Canadian exchange called Bitvo. Don’t use them anymore btw.

I’ve had a few different lives so far. People talk about degens now but for a long time I was one of the early degenerates. growing up in the '80s I was deep into skater culture though I was more of a poser wearing all the knee and elbow pads haha. I graduated into degenerate ski-bum and mountain climbing-bum dedicating my time to graceful movements over stone and snow. There were some not-so-graceful moments too. Infact some of my accidents from those days changed the course of my future life more than I realized. I was HARD on my body physically and now I am paying the price. Anyways I digress…

After graduating with a B.a. in ‘Outdoor Recreation Studies’ from Alaska Pacific University in 2000, and with a fresh wife who was a born and raised 3/8ths Alaskan Native named after the biggest mountain on our continent. I began my second life. I switched gears entirely as I matured and realized mountain climbing is a difficult way to pay the bills. In a way it consumes you like a Dao and we gave up on high class modern luxuries in exchange for a romantic lifestyle full of adventure. I remember back in '97 in Yosemite I was trying to secure a position with YOSAR and we were scavenging the local restaurants, hurrying in to a freshly vacated table to claim the leftover food which was uneaten. Half pizzas and leftover french fries and stuff. But I gave up on all this adventure to become a pilot.

I threw myself into aviation and successfully had a 22 year career culminating in a federal government job as an aviation safety Inspector. More adventure, but different, calculated risks. Never leaving a job without an offer in-hand. Getting mortages on houses, starting with a trailer in Yellowknife Canada. Had a coupel kids on the way. But I am gonna skip most of that because my neck and elbow are hurtin badly. This is what caused the next and current phase of my life. After some rough personal experience on the wrong side of the tracks with the wrong kind of people doing the wrong kind of things I had a spiritual rebirth/ mid-life crisis. I went deep inside and did the hard work needed and realized I was stuck in a hateful relationship. Freshly divorced I set forward into the world a new man with new freedom and a return to the values of my youth. I bought a small sail boat and lived in it part-time near and in Vancouver. Then a nasty car crash took away my pilot licence and therefor cush federal job.

I found myself staring at my computer screen in pain trying to figure out how to increase my cash flow from my meager investments. This lead me to bitcoin and crypto, which lead me to a small Canadian exchange called Bitvo. (see first paragraph). Now I find the frontiers of humanity not in the mountains and oceans like I used too. I now explore through my computer screen and find that the ability to change the world is even more powerful than I ever thought possible. I ate the red pill and drank the Koolaid and now I don’t have anything going on that is more exciting, cutting-edge, and world-changing than the possibilities of web3.0. And I am very happy to be tumbling down the rabbit hole with all of you! Cheers and peace-out yo.


I’m happy web3 gave you the excitement back again. Welcome to our collective David :slightly_smiling_face:

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