NEW PROPOSALS - Use of treasury funds

Hi. Everyone,

I would like to propose to use treasury funds for “Social Farming” and Investment in xDai Avatar projects.

“Social Farming” was discus previously and as a start we intend to reward Twitter users for engaging with our posts. For likes and retweets participants will be rewarded with $Snafu tokens. Randomly choose user will receive 5-20 snafu daily. For this companion we plan to use 500 $Snafu from the Treasury, good for one month of rewards. After this period we will reevaluate and make decision how much more funds we would like to distribute to community.

Second part of proposal is to use Treasury funds to invest in xDai Avatars Projects. Two new project xDai Punks and xDai Tigers just launched NFT collection. We believe that it will increase value as NFT space on xDai is growing. Holding this assets will also help as to create partnerships with this project. We wound like to designate $300 from Treasury and swipe the floor on market place.

Please cast your vote and make a comment if you would like to add some interesting thoughts.

Use of treasury funds for Social Farming and NFT investment
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Social farming

I would just add that each day relevant tweets will be dropped in ur “social-faming” channel on discord.


I think we could buy 1 xdaipunk and a few xdaitigers.
I think we’ll need to setup a gnosis multisign wallet. Should we select signers from the community?

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Also, if we have unanimity here should we still vote on snapshot?

Withdrawed 326 xdai to buy punks and tigers

We just bought this beauty here: xDai Explorer - BlockScout

And we minted 4 xdaitigers.

The NFTs are in the DAO wallet (0xEA912373bEf07E06F04fdE1d8218eb6C77cFF67A).

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Social Farming also activated.

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