[NFT DROP] Collection #3

How it works

Our third collection will go live on November 1st.

All NFTs of the collection will have a rarity of 10 editions. SNAFU Collective will keep 2 editions of each NFT to use them as future prizes in PoolTogether and for refilling the farming pools.

NFTs will be released in 4 drops, one every 3 days.
Each drop will include from 8 to 10 NFTs and be divided in two phases: 4 editions of each NFT will be released in the morning at 8:30 am UTC, and the remaining 4 editions will be released at 5:30pm UTC.

NFTs will be dropped in the SNAFU Marketplace (app.nftsnafu.org/#/swap). and the price of each NFT will be 100 SNAFU.

Attention: There is no limit on how many NFTs a person can buy, so be ready to fight for your NFTs.

Leaderboard and Prizes

A leaderboard will be created with how many NFTs of collection #3 an account bought. First 3 buyers will receive a prize:

  1. First place: 500 SNAFU + Unique NFT “Collection #3 - Top Collector” (swappable in the marketplace for a value of 1000 SNAFU)
  2. Second place: The autographed Artbook #1 of the SNAFU Collective (also swappable in the marketplace for a value of 1000 SNAFU)
  3. Third place: 500 SNAFU

All participants will receive a POAP token for participating in the event.

The leaderboard will be snapshotted at midnight of the day of the last drop.


View the full NFT list here.

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