Pay Reem 300 SNAFU per week for the work as Community Manager

We are happy to announce Reem as our new Community Manager. He will manage the telegram group, the forum, and Discord when the time will come.

You can read his introduction here:

We would like to pay Reem for his services 300 SNAFU per week, taken from the DAO funds.
We are opening this thread to discuss with the community if this use of the funds is okay. The tread will be open for 3 days and a proposal on Snapshot will go live after this period of time.

Welcome Reem!


We create a proposal on Snapshot regarding this. Vote duration is 2 days.
Vote here: Snapshot

Call to the Community - Please Vote!!!

Voting for this proposal is closed, the YES won.

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We set up the Colony Community Team and deposited 3600 SNAFU to be used as a payment for the community management for the next 3 months.