SNAFU DEFI. who is with me

You want to see SNAFU shoot up 100x-200x
Just pitch the necessary idea to the team to engage into Defi. Just like nftfi or unifty or many other projects. Looking at the tokenomics, fundamentals an utility of the token. That is where it should be.
Also with all respect blockchain is made for finance. So SNAFU has to develop into an NFT based financial ecosystem that is originating and founded upon solid ART. Just like Amazon started as a bookstore.

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I’m with you.!!! i think SNAFU have very good foundation as the $snafu tokens are exchangeable with NFT in SWAP | SNAFU Collective . NFT farming on Home - Unifty and next development on road map is integration with PoolTogether - Community Pools . So i think we are on good track. Do you have any suggestion about future developments?
Please check SNAFU Treasury Management Proposals

Thanks Reem. I am aware of all that. I am just convinced that the whole blockchain is a financial thing. The more you get inline with that, the more utility and demand you get. The more traction potential, the more effectiveness of the marketing and all support operations.

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I’m with you all life!

The whole point of nfts with intrinsic value is to enter in the defi market with art as a solid ground.
Our first thought was to enable our collectors to use SNAFU NFTs as collateral for loans. But we are really scratching our heads on a new (and original) way to enter in the defi market. Any input from you guys would really be appreciated. I hope to be able to post here a few defi ideas we are thinking of this weekend.


Dan!! you know i am with you too :smiley:

I know guys you can do it and when you do it turns great.

Yes please everyone here scratch your heads too. Look around and bring idea up here. I am really inviting everyone to think about how to make the amazon jump form a book store to the Amazon you know today. that is precisely where i see SNAFU.

I am myself looking into MOCA, NFTfi and I am going to reflect more about those models of implementations, and come back with some pitches.

Also it is very very very important guys to think of some important strategic partners. Which can be catalysts on the roadmap onto mroe Defi centric and value adding utility.

Putch#1: Besides spreading more awareness of the fact that xdai is already bridging xdai base nft to eth mainnet. It is important to move organized as a community and request Opensea to add xdai natively.


I think it is important to remember that Jeff Bezos started Amazon in 1994 and it took at least a decade for it to start to gain some serious traction, and even longer to become the everything store that it is known as today. Some great things just take time.

I also don’t think that is a very accurate fitting goal/model to try and emulate here, because Amazon introduced a whole new set of problems to the economy and it’s hard to say if the pros actually outweigh the cons.

I would also push back on the statement that blockchain is all about DeFi. That is certainly what the last year has shown to be the “pumping” narrative, but before that, it was something else, and after that, it will also be something else. We have an opportunity to decide and build towards what that “something else” looks like. Let’s not forget the blockchain has also given us the ability to form collectives that we call DAOs. I feel like DAOs are just as compelling, if not more so than the concept of DeFi.

When you start off an idea with a statement suggesting that we be motivated by the money and take actions simply to pump the price of the token, I quickly lose interest. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see the value of $SNAFU grow, I just don’t think that should be the primary goal. I believe that if you build something that makes people’s lives better, they will bring their value to that project, and that will organically and sustainably increase the token price. We’ve seen plenty of projects use DeFi Degen tactics to pump the price really quickly and most of them fall just as quickly afterward.

I see that SNAFU as a project has a unique approach and has already added something to the crypto space that I hadn’t seen before. I believe building a community of like-minded people that are willing to support the project long-term is a healthier goal to strive for.

It’s not even very clear what your idea is. It sounds like you are suggesting that we just copy other projects. It makes sense to build upon what others have done before, but I believe that is not sustainable either. I think it’s important to innovate and add-on to what has already been done, and that will set a project apart and draw new people to the community.

Just my 2 sats.

  1. yes in my opinion, this is business if you are not motivated by money then in my opinion you are wrong

  2. Amazon is an analogy for the transition, no need to recall history. Otherwise how come the crypto multipliers way far from the street in much shorter time

3.Yes the 100x and 200x are conservaties looking at the other projects from the same space of utility with similar tokenomics

4.Yes Blockchain is about finance and will always be. That said, it does not going to be used exclusively for that. But it is about that. And that is where it is going to have the highest dollar value. And yes again i am talking about money. Because it is business. Just to get some confusion out of the way. ART production is not business, but ART exchange is. It feels very weird to find myself in the position telling so obvious matters.

O jah curly, by the way, you what are you doing in this whole crypto space.
let me, guess

  1. if you are an artist, you want to sell/make money
  2. if you are a developer, you want to sell/make money
  3. if you are a trader/investor you want to ship value/make money
    4 or…?

PS. or lose money by means of opportunity costs or direct losses.

I’m in this industry because I believe blockchain is a tool that can make the world a more fair, inclusive, and transparent place. Yes, you can make money along the way. But doing things strictly motivated by profit is how we got to a society with problems that blockchain solves in the first place.

There is much more to Blockchain than just profit and I find that more compelling. I steer clear of projects that only focus on “pumpanomics”, and would remove my full support from this project if I saw it was heading in that direction.

You have made it clear what blockchain is for in your opinion. But I have a different opinion…

I have been in the space for many years. I fully grasp that blockchain has had, and will continue to have major impacts on global finance. But it will also have drastic impacts on how we govern our societies. We are just beginning to see how DAOs can be used to govern projects, and without too long we will see DAOs control globally recognized companies, and not too long after that I can imagine governments being run as a DAO-like structure. SNAFU and other DAOs are at the forefront of this movement, and much of what happens now will be an experiment that sets the course for our future.

I would much rather use this opportunity to focus on building the structures and tools that will positively impact the world, instead of simply repeating the mistakes of the past.

Something we want to do:

  • Distribute the fees from the SWAP Protocol and of the Market to the most active traders
  • Drop new NFTs to random top 20 NFT holders

Interesting points:

  • We were thinking of ways to make the price of the NFTs dynamic, but it opens the door to a lot of attack vectors
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We could do that if you stake a batch of certain nfts (ex. ID 34,35,68,56) you earn $SNAFU rewards. Those could be staking devised in seasons: so in season 1 we have 3 staking options, in season 2 another 4 and so on.