SNAFU Roadmap 2021

Roadmap April/May


Collection #2

At the beginning of the month, we will release our second collection, with new artists and new campaigns for the community. We will drop an artist per day, for a total of 17 Artists.
Related to this drop we will have a campaign with a reward prize of the first Artbook of the SNAFU Collective printed and shipped to you.
Every person that will buy an NFT from this collection will receive a special NFT of Collection #1 that will have the pdf copy of the artbook as unlockable content. So at the end of the collection #2 (date will be announced before the release) everyone that bought will receive the digital artbook and the 5 addresses that bought more NFTs of this collection will receive also the physical copy.
A preview of the artbook will be shared before the release of the Collection #2.

Farm LP

We will create a new farm for LP with unique and exclusive artworks from Collection #2. Our goal is to edit the farming logic as we discussed with the community, but this will depend also on Unifty’s release schedules.

Pool Together

Pool Together is an open-source and decentralized protocol for no-loss prize games. This means that you can stake your $SNAFU/LP tokens and participate in the extraction of a winner that will receive the prize. Luck plays a big role in this, but of course, staking a huge amount of tokens helps.

We will have different kinds of prizes: physical (posters, t-shirts, etc.) and digital (SNAFU NFTs and $SNAFU tokens).

More on this will be released in the future.


Social Farming

We want to create a way for our community to earn $SNAFU by participating in our telegram, forum and social accounts.
We are looking to integrate Source Cred for our forum, and we are looking for other ways to track user participation on telegram and social media. More on this will be discussed in a separate thread.

Art Contest

We want to create an art contest open to everyone. Any user will be able to submit artwork and the community will vote on those. At the end of the contest, the most voted artworks will become SNAFU NFTs (so swappable for $SNAFU) and will be available for the LP Farming Pool and the winners will get a reward in $SNAFU tokens.


Live Art Exposition

A live exposition of our artworks is something that we wanted to do from the beginning of this experience and we think it perfectly fits our mission: to give exposure to the artists of our collective. Of course, it will be something different from the classic art exhibitions, we want to make something unique that highlights the NFT and Digital heart of our artworks.

Original Artworks Auction

Some of the artworks of our artists born physical first and then becomes digital. So the digital representation of the artwork (the NFT) has multiple editions, while the physical has only one. During the art exhibition, we want to put some original pieces at auction.


Very cool looking forward to all of these things!

So whoever buys the most NFTs from collection #2 will get the book sent to the,?

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Whoever buys at least 1 nft will receive the PDF. The top 5 buyers will receive also the printed copy.

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We created a “Leaderboard” section on our app, you can now see the top ranking users that have the higher numbers of NFTs (and you can also click on the their profile and see what NFTs they have).

Check it out!

We will use this leaderboard to take the SNAPSHOT of the users that will buy NFTs form our Collection #2.
I remind you that the top 5 buyers will receive a physical edition of the artbook and all buyers will receive the SPECIAL NFT and the artbook in pdf

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We opened a thread to discuss the social farming. As per roadmap we estimated this feature to go live on July, but we could release and test partial releases even prior. Please discuss it here: Social Farming - Discussion

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Hello everyone! We will put SNAFU NFTs on sale on Unifty. On 1st July we’ll take the list of everyone that bought the NFTs of this collection and the first 5 top buyers

The first 5 buyers will receive also the physical copy of the artbook and it will also be autographed by some of the artists, hope you like this.

We’ll also launch a new LP farm in the coming week for the special NFTs of collection #2.

We’ll also do a special drop of nfts that will go directly into the Community Pool and a few random users will receive some free NFTs.

We are also looking into launching our own discord and market this weekend/next week.

Last but not least we are looking to launch PoolTogether

Prizes will be: nfts that will allow you to redeem posters; nfts and $SNAFU tokens.

The nfts that will allow you to redeem posters will be available to trade on our Market or on any other nft marketplace.


From today we are starting to experiment with a new revenue model for artists: mint an NFT and drop it into the Community Pool. The $SNAFU tokens are distributed 60% to the artist, 35% to the SNAFU Collective and 5% to the DAO

An instant revenue of 600 $SNAFU per an NFT.

Buy on

The community asked for it and we made it: we are happy to announce our Discord community server!

A more organized way to discuss about nft trades, suggestions, governance and much more!

Join here:

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Free SNAFU NFT for discord members. xDai network address required.

We are live on Pool Together!

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Hello everyone, we would like to address the goals of July and August that we didn’t reached and talk about our future plans.

This was the roadmap of July and August.

Social Farming

Social farming was something that we really wanted to implement, we looked into Source Cred and tested it, we looked into bots for telegram and Twitter, but in the end, we decided that the effort we had to put into this was too big for the results we would get. Source Cred is easy to set up but not easy to manage and to avoid people trying to force the system. Also, our community is not very big so this would reward the same people over and over again, which are already rewarded in other ways. Lastly, we think that interaction is good but it needs to come “from the heart”, you can’t pay people to interact in your community.

Still, Source Cred is very interesting and can be used in different ways. If in the future a good opportunity will occur to use it we’ll do it, but for the moment it’s something we put in standby.

Art Contest

This is something that we really wanted to do, we were trying to partner with Cold Truth NFTs to do it, but at the end of the day, we didn’t manage to find a way to collaborate on this so the contest went on standby too.

This is not something that we want to abandon: the idea is simple and it could be fun both for the artists and both for our community, so we are looking forward to organizing it, but we can’t promise any deadline on this.

Live Art Exposition

We started to organize it but we were a bit naive at the beginning: first of all Augusto was a bad month to do exhibitions, both to organize it and to make people participate. Also with COVID restrictions a lot of stuff had to be made. Right now we are in talks with two places that want to host us but there is still a lot of stuff to organize.

This is something we will do for sure in the future, but we cannot put a deadline here.

Original Artworks Auction

Without any type of context around it was hard to launch this, we were afraid it couldn’t bring too much attention so we decided to postpone this feature for another moment.

We apologize for not meeting the goals we promised you. Please try to understand that this is not a startup, SNAFU is a collective, a group of people that work together to create something cool, to help artists and explore forms of art. The core team is made of 4 people, each with their own jobs and concerns. Also, COVID played a big role this summer too, so we were a bit unlucky (but everyone is safe and okay!).

At the moment we are looking to expand the team, find some freelancer developers who could help us to bring to life new features and ideas.

Next Goals

Collection #3

Our artists started to prepare our third collection, we are very hyped for this and we also have a few new entries that I’m sure you will love!

This time we will mint all NFTs at the beginning (so you will be able to see all nfts of the collection before buying) and the NFTs will be dropped inside the Community Pool gradually (SO YOU WILL NEED $SNAFU TO BUY THEM).

A few NFTs will be kept by us and used for the Farming Pools and Pool Together.

We are looking to release the third collection on November 1st.

If you are an artist and want to be part of this collection contact us now!

Original Artworks Auction

Together with the release of the third collection, we will sell also a few original artworks. It will be done on Eporio Marketplace, you will be able to make an offer for the artwork and the artist will decide to accept or not your offer.

What you will buy will be NFT redeemable for the original artwork (same as with the NFTs of the posters and artbooks that we made). So you will be able to choose if redeem and receive the artbook to your place or sell it to someone else.

Live Art Exposition and Art Contest

As we said before this is something that we are looking into, but we still need to decide a lot of stuff on how to organize both of them, so we cannot give any deadline on this.

Integrate Farming, Marketplace, and Pool Together in our dapp

We are searching for developers that can help us integrate these three features inside our dapp. No deadline here neither.

Last but not least we are constantly thinking of a way to bring closer artists and collectors of SNAFU. We are trying to figure out a way where artists propose artworks and collectors vote on them and decide if to mint that NFT or not. We are searching for ideas, with the main goal to help artists and make the SNAFU Collectors an active part on what kind of art is being minted on our platform.

It’s not easy to figure out and it’s not easy to implement, but if you have ideas on what should be the next step for SNAFU talk with us, we want to create something meaningful together.

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