SNAFU SourceCred Instance

I am a huge fan of SourceCred and think it is a really clever way to bootstrap and sustain an engaged community. It can integrate with Discord, Discourse, and Github and be customized to incentivize the type of contributions that the project needs to grow.

Distributing a community token fairly is a difficult task, and so far I like what SNAFU has done. SourceCred is also a way to get the community token into the hands of the most active members of the community over time.

I suggest creating an instance for the project sooner rather than later, as it can be a bit of a learning curve to run, and it would be easier to learn while the community is smaller, and make adjustments as it grows.


Hi. It sounds like interesting idea. I’m sure The Team will look into it…

Yes, we like this idea too and we arleady looking into it. We want to create a SOCIAL FARMING model where people earn SNAFU based on how much they interact on our forum and our socials.


Yea great suggestion curly. I think source cred is one of the easiest ways to provide new users with incentive to be involved and contribute to the project. I think one issue worth source cred that the team wants to think about is cred mining which is becoming rife in other projects using source cred. I would suggest thinking ahead and having a plan for conflict resolution and users that may game the system.